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Chinese Poke Bowl Recipe

By Yanni

When it come to loving Poke (pronounced po-kay), it’s not just Hawaii, but the entire South Pacific rim has been enjoying this tasty raw fish salad they call Poke. My new poke bowl recipe is a true South Pacific poke from China that is heavily influenced by the French. It includes tuna that gets marinaded in lime, and classic Chinese dressing and most of all, fried rice noodles. This dish is yummy stuff.

I first was exposed to Poke when I lived and worked in Hawaii. But it wasn’t until I went to the Sam Choy restaurant in Honolulu that I met up with Chinese Poke. Just the mere addition of the fried rice noodles makes this poke bowl recipe a one to remember. It was like having the fresh ocean and Chinese take out meal all in one plate. Enjoy!

Chinese Poke Bowl Recipe (make 3 bowls)

1 pound tuna, diced 1/2-in cubes

Kosher salt

½ lime juiced

3 stalks green onions chopped

½ sweet onion, thinly sliced

3 small cucumbers cut into thin rounds

1 cup peeled carrots

1 16-oz pac Hong Kong Style fresh noodles


½ lime juiced

¼ cup vegetable oil

1 tablespoon grated ginger

1 tablespoon sugar

Making The Poke Bowl Recipe

1. Start by adding the tuna in a bowl and then add the

lime juice with a healthy pinch of salt. Marinade for

15 to 20 in the refrigerator.

2. Create the dressing while the fish is marinading by

adding the dressing ingredients in a small bowl and

then whisking vigorously. Set aside and refrigerate.

3. Rinse the fish cubes in a strainer, mix in the dressing

and then refrigerate again until needed.

4. Heat a large frying pan with vegetable oil and then

fry the noodles until they become puffy and golden

in color.

5. Place the fried noodles in a serving dish, then add the

poke on top. Don’t forget to garnish with some cut

green onions.