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Fresh Caught Tuna TartareBy

By Yanni-

1 lb tuna, 1/2-in dice

5 medium sized heirloom tomatoes

3-5 Thai chiles sliced finely

1 sprig of parsley fine cut

1 medium lemon (or lime) juiced

2 tablespoons soy sauce

Sea salt

Make The Fresh Caught Tuna Tartare

1.¬† Once you’ve diced your tuna, refrigerate it until needed.

2. Remove the tops off the heirloom tomatoes and then scoop out the tomatoes’ insides. Reserve the juices from the tomatoes, inside a small mixing bowl while discarding¬† fleshy pulp (or save the fleshy pulp for another dish!)

3 Now, start creating the tartare sauce by combining the juices from the tomatoes with the lemon juice and the soy sauce and then mix. Next add the tartare sauce to the tuna and then mix. Caution: only add enough tartare sauce to coat the tuna.

4. Finally, add the tuna tartare mixture into tomato cavities and garnish with parsley, Thai chiles and sea salt.