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New Zealand Ceviche, Kokoda

By Yanni

 (serves 4)

1 lb yellowtail fillet 1/2-in cubed

1 cup fresh lemon juice

1 cup store bought lime juice

1 fresh lime

8 tablespoons coconut milk

3 sweet red peppers thinly sliced

3 sweet yellow peppers thinly sliced

3 sweet orange peppers thinly sliced

1 red (hot) pepper thinly sliced

1/2 red onion sliced

1 avocado 1/2-in cubed

Kosher salt

1-1 1/4  teaspoon of white pepper

1 fresh coconut cut in half


Start Making The New Zealand Ceviche

1) Start by combing the 1 cup of lemon and then lime juice into a small container. Sprinkle salt over the cubed fish and then add the fish into the small container of citrus juice. Refrigerate for no longer than 2 hours.

2) After 2 hours, pour off all the citrus juice from the fish and set aside.

3) Now, into a large mixing bowl combine the fresh avocado, peppers, red onions and then the fish. Add the juice of one lime and coconut milk into the bowl, along with some white pepper and then began to mix.

4) Ladle the kokoda into the empty coconut halves and then serve. Don’t forget to serve with some semi-sweet New Zealand white wine.