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Sierra Score

John Camacho had great trout fishing in the Eastern Sierra at Crowley Lake on June 3rd in Magee bay.  

Hill Boys Go Fishing

Arlie Hill  took his boat the “Direct Deposit”  on Mission Bay Tuesday. Left to right son Josh, grandson Kelly and the little guy grandson Jordy. Little cool... Read More

Personal Best

Jim Hen caught this 206 pound Yellowfin Tuna on a Puerto Vallarta trip on the Apollo- it is his personal best! Congratulations Jim…

Yum-Bang! Ceviche

 By Yanni-www.fishermansbelly.com (serves 4) 1 lb rockfish fillets ¼ medium papaya diced 4 stalks green onions chopped ½ white onion diced 1 bundle cilantro chopped... Read More