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Big Tuna!

Charlie Brown caught this 214 lb bluefin tuna September  26th aboard the Constitution on a  2.5 day trip on a 250 glow Shimano Flat Fall on 100... Read More

What a Boat!

 Two Days of Liberty- By Dave Dolan     On September 17, a group of twenty four anglers boarded the sport boat Liberty, Fisherman’s Landing... Read More

Grouper Score

Ethan Hale caught this 14 pound grouper in a lagoon in southern baja in August.  Amazing catch on light tackle! 

Aku Poke

By Yanni- www.fishermansbelly.com  (severs 4) 5-6 pound skipjacks, four fillets from each fish, 2lbs total 3 cucumbers cut into half moons 1 bundle green onions... Read More