Photo of the Week

Santa Monica Seabass

Richard was out testing some repaired reels and gps/sonar settings ona kayak. Didn’t even get out until 5 PM. Got picked up with First drop with a Scrambled Egg 6X Jr on 25lb. – 20 minutes later I broke off a bigger model, trying to horse it because I was thinking it was a BSB. 3 2-4lb bass, mini whitefish, and a bunch of mackerel and decided to start pedaling back to the launch as it got dark.  But dropped a glow flat-fall near the earlier spot and landed this w/a Torium 16 on 65lb Power Pro w/a 50lb Premier top shot. Pegged the scale at 50 – came in around 64 when subtracting my weight on the bathroom scale. Wondering how big the first one was?

Somewhere In Santa Monica Bay