The Angler’s Table

Great seafood recipes shared by great chefs

Halibut Soup

  By Yanni If you love Mexican comfort food, then my new halibut tortilla soup will feed your needs. This halibut recipe is so... Read More

Yellowtail In A Packet

By Yanni (serves 2) 2-ea ½ lb yellowtail fillets 1 green bell pepper julienned 1 orange bell pepper julienned ½ small red onion julienned... Read More

Mexican Fish Soup

 By Yanni Caldo Michi came from native fishermen along Mexico’s central coast. It’s a rich Mexican fish soup recipe that has it all. Onions,... Read More

Smoked Tuna Belly

By Yanni- 2 tuna belly fillets about 1.5 pounds each, frozen 2 cups soy sauce 1 cup white granulated sugar 1 cup brown sugar... Read More