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Remembering Dick Warren

By Arnie Seko


Our Let’s Talk Hookup family lost one of our beloved members.   Richard (Dick) Charles Warren passed away June 21, 2018.  Dick was our remote engineer on our live broadcasts, along with Isiah, his grandson.  He was a fixture handling live remote broadcasts, many of them at the remotes at Fred Hall Long Beach, the San Diego County Ford Dealers, Day at the Docks, and many other live broadcasts.  His patience and expertise kept the show on the air.  Even when we had issues, Dick was always calm and professional, working his magic, getting things done.  He trained Isiah well, letting him run things more as he learned and got better at the craft.  Dick was a consummate professional.

Dick was born Sept 16, 1941. He was married to his wife, Sharon for 53 years, before her passing a couple years ago.  He has two daughters, Renee Warren and Rechelle Mojica.  He has three grandchildren, Richard, Isiah and Christiana.  Dick was an Eagle Scout and a HAM radio operator.  K60BS was his call sign (see attached photo of his license plate).  Dick was a veteran of radio broadcasting for 60 years in San Diego, working for most of the radio stations in town.  Folks that listened to KSON in the 70’s may remember disc jockey “Uncle Dickey”…. THAT WAS DICK!!!  Dick also ran the radio station at Palomar College in San Marcos, Ca. KKSM.  Many engineers working in the San Diego market studied under Dick’s tutelage at Palomar.  At his memorial service last month, many engineers and folks in the radio industry paid their respects.  Shotgun Tom Kelly spoke fondly of Dick, as many others did.  We have truly lost a great man.

In closing, the things I’ll remember about Dick is his friendly demeanor, calm manner and mostly, his smile.  Man I can’t remember a time where I didn’t see him smiling.  You’re no longer with us here in person, but we’ll always remember you and know you are smiling down on all of us.  Thank You Dick.