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What a Boat!

 Two Days of Liberty- By Dave Dolan
  On September 17, a group of twenty four anglers boarded the sport boat Liberty, Fisherman’s Landing newest addition, for the two day Lets Talk Hookup sponsored trip. At eighty five feet in length, this trip would provide plenty of room for all aboard.
  This was my first trip on the Liberty. What struck me was the number of guys walking around the deck all saying ” Wow, what a nice boat”. A sport boat captain once told me that the quickest way to see how a boat is run, simply look at the heads. There are four heads on the boat. The two main ones in the salon have been remodeled with beautiful tile work thru out and full size showers. They were like the bathrooms in a nice motel. The renovated galley was bright and roomy. I could tell I was  on a very efficient operation.
  While pulling out of the bay, we had a nice raffle with prizes from the Lets Talk Hookup sponsors Shimano, Rapala and Aftco. The grand prize winner took home a Shimano Tallus rod. 
  Captain Taro took the boat that evening on a short hop over to the Coronado Islands for anchorage and a restful night of sleep.The next morning was just a short run to the tuna grounds.In fact, the entire trip we were never out of sight of the islands. This was all close to home fishing.
  September has always been my favorite time to go fishing with the San Diego sport boat fleet. And this trip certainly held up that tradition. We spent both days cruising the local areas for that magic sonar or kelp stop. And when we found those stops, it was instant bendo for the whole boat. Most of these yellowfin tuna were school size 10 pounders. But there was a nice grade of 20 pound grade fish in the mix. We also had a nice hit on the dorado too.This was not what I call technical fishing. Just pick out a hot bait, cast out and hold on.  By trips end, the boat was limited out on yellowfin tuna. 
  Captain Taro and crew are top notch. The boat is kept clean and everything well supplied thru out the trip. And in the galley, Sarah runs quite a one person operation. The food was excellent. And let me tell you about the Liberty Burger. These are not pre-packaged quarter pounders. You can cut one of these huge burgers in half, and they are more than enough for two hungry anglers.
  The Liberty runs mainly 3/4 day trips. But this is not a a 3/4 day boat that runs occasional multi day trips. This is a true overnight boat. And just imagine doing a 3/4 day trip where on the return to port, you can shower and take a nap on a bed. This is a first rate operation I would recommend. You can see the Liberty’s schedule at Fisherman’s Landing: San Diego, CA Fishing Charters or book a trip by calling 619-221-8500. You can count on a first rate fishing experience aboard this sport boat.