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Flying High To Cedros

By Dave Dolan
  On July 31. a group of 11 anglers boarded a charter flight aboard a Cessna Caravan at the Tijuana airport for the second Let’s Talk Hookup trip this season with Cedros Sportfishing. I want to emphasis this one more time, we got on a charter flight from Tijuana to start this trip. With the border crossing at the CBX terminal in Otay Mesa, this trip to a remote resort is now as easy as a commuter flight from any U.S. airport. With Cedros Sportfishing, the van rides and 8 + plus hour trips each way are over, unlike the competitor operation that still does these trips.
  Our trip offered 3 full days of fishing. And these are FULL days on the water. The lodges boats are chartered from 6 am. until 6 pm. The super pangas take 3 anglers, along with your guide. Your day can be whatever you want for length or style of fishing. I really enjoyed the waters around the island. With the summer heat we’ve had in the southwest, the mild 75 degree days of Cedros were a welcomed relief.
  And now the fishing. At Cedros, you can count on trophy style yellowtail fishing. Don’t look for any fire cracker size fish here. And what is amazing, so many of these fish are only along cast from shore. We did not have the wide open epic numbers that can happen here.  But the quality made up for any lack in numbers. The kelp was kind of lacking on this trip, so the calico bass fishing was not the usual off the charts. But they were caught while casting for the yellows. There were also grouper and white sea bass in the catch.
  I was very impressed with the operation at Cedros Sportfishing. Your fish is filleted, vacuumed sealed and frozen every day This is not a large resort where vans are in and out all day with new people coming and going. The group you fly down with is the only group you will see during your stay. I think there as many people working on staff at this resort as there are guests. The rooms are very clean, daily maid service and have air conditioning. The meals are excellent from the dining area overlooking the ocean. I want to hand it to our friend, Rosie Flowers who is now handling the operation. Many of us remember her as a deck hand and in fish processing. She was on this trip with us. I don’t know when she ever stops to sleep or take a break. Her attention to detail and customer service will see that this operation will always stay top notch.
  Let’s Talk Hookup will do two charters returning with Cedros Sportfishing next season. The long range boats can no longer fish the island at this time. This is still a great option to fish the area. With the limited number of spots available, check them out now at